Course Listing

Elementary Hindi

  • HNDI 110
  • HNDI 120

An in-depth introduction to modern Hindi, including the Devanagari script. A combination of graded texts, written assignments, audiovisual material, and computer-based exercises provides cultural insights and increases proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Hindi. Emphasis on spontaneous self-expression in the language.

Intermediate Hindi

  • HNDI 130
  • HNDI 140

A two-term sequence designed to develop proficiency in the four language skills. Extensive use of cultural documents including feature films, radio broadcasts, and literary and nonliterary texts to increase proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Hindi. Focus on cultural nuances and Hindi literary traditions.

Emphasis on spontaneous self-expression in the language.

Accelerated Hindi

  • HNDI 132 / HNDI 532
  • HNDI 142 / HNDI 542

A fast-paced course designed for students who are able to understand basic conversational Hindi but who have minimal or no literacy skills.

Introduction to the Devanagari script; development of listening and speaking skills; vocabulary enrichment; attention to sociocultural rules that affect language use. Students learn to read simple texts and to converse on a variety of everyday personal and social topics.

Advance Hindi

  • HNDI 150 / HNDI 550

An advanced language course aimed at enabling students to engage in fluent discourse in Hindi and to achieve a comprehensive knowledge of formal grammar. Introduction to a variety of styles and levels of discourse and usage. Emphasis on the written language, with readings on general topics from newspapers, books, and magazines.

Readings in Hindi Literature

Three courses are offered.

HNDI 160/560 Modern Hindi Literature
Swapna Sharma
An advanced language course designed to develop overall language skills and to enrich cultural insight through the literature of different genres. Literature is the cultural canvas of a society. Reading modern Hindi literature and translations of vernacular literature from various states in India enhance the understanding of Indian culture and society.
Prerequisite: HNDI 150 or instructor permission.

Advance Tutorial

  • HNDI 198

For students with advanced Hindi language skills who wish to engage in concentrated reading and research on material not otherwise offered by the department. Work must be supervised by an adviser and must terminate in a term paper or the equivalent. Permission to enroll requires submission of a detailed project proposal and its approval by the language studies coordinator.